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Alt Cask II

Private Home - OC Costa Mesa, United States

SOLD OUT When we talk about casks, we're usually talking about Bourbon barrels or Sherry butts (usually oloroso), but there are plenty of other types of casks used to mature whisky. About six years ago we did a tasting of malts aged in some of the less usual casks, (and a good time was had

Resurrection II

Private Home - OC Costa Mesa, United States

It is our custom to gather in the Fall to remember distilleries that have left this mortal plane. But Spring is a time of rebirth, and so this month we come together to celebrate a few of those distilleries that were once lost, seemingly for good, but that have sprung back to life. We did

Long Live the King!

Private Home - OC Costa Mesa, United States

--$45-- We mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, and the ascension of King Charles III… with whisky (of course). The Naked Grouse Royal Lochnagar 12yr. Game of Thrones Edition Laphroaig An Cuan Mor (Travel Retail Exclusive) Laphroaig 10yr. Sherry Oak Laphroaig 10yr. Cask Strength Laphroaig 19yr. SMWS 29.206 Sandwiches, appetizers, etc. The event will

Ridiculously Large American Single Malt tasting – OC

Private Home - OC Costa Mesa, United States

OCSC will get a chance to try TWENTY FOUR American Single Malts. We'll do a quarter oz of each, and believe me, that's still a lot of whisky. AMERICAN SINGLE MALT DAY - August 28th ASW Monday Night Scottish Style Single Malt Amador Whiskey Straight Hop‐Flavored Whiskey Balcones Classic Edition Single Malt Whisky Blue Ridge