About Events

About Scotch Club Events

What to expect at a Club event:

• Experienced scotch drinkers.
• Inexperienced scotch drinkers. Every event has a new face.

• A respect for the scotch and the desire to study and appreciate it.
• A lively and enjoyable night. Mix good friends and this will happen.
• A scotch experience better and far more affordable than a night out drinking at a bar.
• Someone who wants to hear you talk about scotch.
• Someone willing to discuss scotch with you.
• Respected scotch expressions often seen at good whisky shops.
• Many scotch expressions that are new, rare, or obscure.
• At least 1 event per month, at different locations, on different days of the week.
• Non-scotch whiskies, especially from distilleries making scotch-like sprits.

What NOT to expect at Club event:

• A stodgy tasting with a kilted guru and a room full of hushed listeners.
• A Scottish based event. We are a scotch club, not a Scottish club. The kilts and pipes come out on special occasions, like Burns Night.
• A booze-fest. We may have a good time, but we are not a frat party and our members are expected to behave respectfully.
• Bad or boring whisky.
• Events purely for networking. Yes, we are mostly professionals, and friendships often lead to other things. Our primary focus is sharing scotch.
• A formal lesson for beginners. We explain what we are drinking but we won’t teach you how to drink it.Feel free to ask questions, however.