Club History

December 6, 2006: Steve Grantowitz, Ransom Riggs, Scott Saikley, and Andy Smith

In 2006, two habitual drammers, Andy Smith and Scott Saikley, began the Los Angeles Single Malt Scotch Whisky Club after years of appreciating scotch in tandem.  In the days before social media a basic website was made, and after months of patience a group of FIVE finally met at Casey’s Irish Pub in Downtown LA.  Soon LA Scotch Club became, and still is, the largest scotch focused club in the country.  It has now expanded to other cities in California and beyond, still dedicated to its original charter:

• Meet new friends who enjoy scotch
• Share the expense of exploring new scotch
• Teach the less experienced
• Learn from the more experienced
• Drink scotch and have a great time doing it