San Diego Burns Supper – 2021

Yes, it's Burns Supper. Yes, in May. Yes, LIVE. Robbie Burns is Scotland’s most famous poet, who wrote Auld Lang Syne and other things that tended to involve food and scotch.  Scotch Club's finest tradition, our annual Burns Supper got COVIDed in January, but it will not be denied. Join us for Supper, Haggis, tributes …

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Liberty Call Restaurant, 1985 National Ave Suite 1131
San Diego, CA 92113
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It is our custom to gather in the Fall to remember distilleries that have left this mortal plane. But Spring is a time of rebirth, and so this month we come together to celebrate a few of those distilleries that were once lost, seemingly for good, but that have sprung back to life. $55 shipped …

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$50 – $55
The Virtual Clubhouse, scotchclub.zoom.us
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The Sherry Soiree

Dust off your Tux. More info coming soon.

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GlenArden Club, 357 Arden Ave
Glendale, CA 92118
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