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Club: Atlanta

Rhum Ron Rum – 3

August 20, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Title for The Whisky: The Whisky

“Rum: It’s The Spirit of The World: Rum and its close cousins (aguardiente de caña, arrack, cachaça, charanda, and seco) is produced in more than 150 countries. What is rum? Rum is a spirit that’s distilled either from fermented molasses (or other by-products from sugar refining making) or freshly-pressed sugar cane juice. Because of its base material, molasses based rums generally have a sweet note and flavors of molasses, banana and tropical fruit (their complexity is ramped up by aging them in barrels), while those made with sugar cane juice (like rhum agricole and Cachaça) have pronounced grassy and vegetal notes. Rum is made in sugar cane producing countries. As Sugar cane and even refined sugar has a limited shelf life, sugar plantation owners found it profitable to turn their surplus sugar into rum which took up much less space and avoided the shelf life issue.

We’ll taste 6 rums of 4 different styles from 5 countries: Barbados, Cuba, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. As it’s a delightful flight and lots of good bites, do please join us and bring a friend as “good whisky is made great when shared among friends.”


1. RATU DARK RUM / 5-year / 40% ABV / OB: RUM Co. of Fiji Dist /
Dist Owner: Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd / Lautoka, Fiji (Oceania)

2. ZAYA Grand Reserva Rum / 12-year / Añejo Reserva / 40% ABV /
IB / Dist Owner: Trinidad Distillers Ltd / Brand Owner: Zaya Rum
Co. (Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala) / Trinidad (Laventille)

3. FOURSQUARE Barbados Single Blended Rum / ‘Sagacity’
(Exceptional Cask Selections series) / 12-Year / 48% ABV / NCF /
Single Cask # Mark XI / OB / Dist Owner: R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd. (the
Seale family) / Barbados (West Indies)

4. SANTA TERESA 1796 Rum / ‘Solera Rum’ / NAS (5-35 yr) / 40%
ABV / Venezuela D.O.C. / OB: Ron Santa Teresa Dist / Dist Owner:
Ron Santa Teresa C.A. (the Vollmer family) / International
Distributor: Bacardi Ltd / Venezuela (Municipio Revenga)

5. HAVANA CLUB Rum / ‘Añejo’ / 7-Year / 40% ABV / OB: Havana
Club Dist / Brand Owner: Pernod Ricard S.A. & República de Cuba
/ Dist Owner: Havana Club International S.A./Corporación Cuba
Ron S.A. (República de Cuba) / Cuba (San José)

Co. of Fiji Dist / Dist Owner: Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd / Lautoka, Fiji